X-HOOK for World of Warcraft 1.12.1

X-HOOK for World of Warcraft 1.12.1


Teleporting GUI and a teleporting list
Running/Walking/Swimming speedhack
set Fallingspeed
Set Jumpheight / JumpStartingheight
Anti Root, Jump, Move
infinite jumps
no fall damage
fly and noclip
nocollision and movement freeze (allows for swimming mid air)
Panic button
see screenshot..
Program might create the folders for you but if it doesnt
Create the following dirs:

[Censored by staff] wow 1.12.1 offset section
https://github.com/M0rtale/Universal-D3D9-HOOK for the d3d9 universal hook.

Note some users might not be able to run this the d3d9 hook gives them a Error. You could try to download Directx SDK and c++ packages.

*Use at your own risk*

Link: Click here to download

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Credits to : maikel233

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